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live talk w. Dr. John Dupuy CEO iAwakeTechnologies

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Audio vibrations that wake us to the Self beyond the self

The Universe is Friendly!  tracks will lead you into the transpersonal, where your small self and your Big Self consciously coexist. Your small self is not lost but is transcended and held in a deeper and amazingly affirmative reality.

  • Facilitate a deeper spiritual connection to the universe
  • Recharge your energy when feeling tired, tense, irritated, or sad
  • Experience revitalizing sleep and wake up refreshed

“Really helps you get in the wonder state, where it is much easier to work on blockages.” – Janita Zoer

Deeply stills, regenerates, and energizes my nervous system and energy body. During and afterwards, I feel centered, balanced, energized, and peaceful.”  Paul Ennemoser (


“I listened often to Oceanic theta as background while preparing my day. It’s like being rocked back and forth in an auditory crib, lulled into feelings of safety and security, that all is well, here, in this space within me. I find when I stop listening, I miss it!! The comforting sound elements fill a void and when the music stops…I feel its absence. And several times after drifting to sleep listening to the Deep Space delta track, I awoke with an answer to a problem I wasn’t even thinking about prior to sleep.” – CaSandra CLARK

The delta track is the most effective iAwake program yet for helping me get quality sleep. When I want to sleep, it consistently helps me to quickly access a state of deep sleep, and I awaken refreshed, energized, and without any grogginess. The delta track is also great for a deep relaxation meditation wherein I completely clear my mind – my meditations with this program were deep even by iAwake standards. And I think law of attraction practitioners will enjoy using the theta track for visualizing manifestations and goal setting. It doesn’t merely play space music – it takes the listener into the space of possibilities from which creation happens.” – Michael Halbfish

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Dr. John Dupuy is a native of Texas and grew up in Latin America. John is a veteran of the United States Army, where he served in Europe as a military police investigator. John has a Bachelor’s degree from Texas State University in Modern Languages (German and Spanish) and a Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.

John has worked in many of the nation’s top therapeutic wilderness programs and helped found Passages to Recovery and Open Sky Wilderness Therapy. John is the founder and best selling autor of Integral Recovery and has published various articles on the subject. He is an adjunct professor at JFK University, teaching Basic Addiction Studies, and travels nationally and internationally to teach and inspire on the subject of Integral Recovery.

John is an avid meditator and a fitness enthusiast. (John actually does the practices he recommends.) John is also a gifted musician; he has played the guitar since he was 13 years old. He is a singer/songwriter with several albums to his credit and has a passion for singing and playing the electric blues.

John is married to Pam Parsons Dupuy, who is a licensed and gifted therapist with many years of experience working with addicts and their families. Pam is John’s partner in all of his Integral Recovery activities as well as in his work with iAwake Technologies/the Profound Meditation Program.

John is a pioneer in using brain entrainment technology clinically for the treatment of addiction, depression, and other mental disorders.


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