Brainwave Music

Here’s the complete catalog of Nadja Lind’s brainwave entrainment albums (binaural beats). Music specially designed to enable you to unlock your super powers, to cultivate and change your mental state of being at will for better performance, focus, healing, boost creativity and flow, relaxation, improved problem solving, therapy and your transformational work.



Through decades of rapid development in computer science and information technology, researchers have verified countless benefits of aural brainwave entrainment and neuro stimulating technology with wide range benefits at your fingertips. Using the highest end production standards, sound design skills, binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies, the Turning In series is what you need to unlock your full potential.

Explore your abilities and try out these profound sound treats one by one or check out the bundles:


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My approach to healing sounds

Creating a Turning In album is more like editing a full length feature film than creating a three minute song – and you will feel the difference.

An album for the Turning In series takes me at least around four weeks of studio work and constant testing, tweaking and mixing. In order to  be able to feel and fine-tune the effects that even the smallest little detail has on the listener’s state of consciousness and energy, I have to be in a meditative state myself while working in the studio.

This meditative music is designed for a certain intention: To open up and change certain states of mind and expand the listener’s consciousness. It is essential for me to be in an equal state of consciousness during the process of composing and designing this particular music. Why? Because once you are in a super relaxed, receptive and expanded state you will feel and hear every little detail and the slightest unevenness can ruin the whole experience. Along the way I test the latest version of the meditation tracks countless times in full length. Then I also send it to other experienced meditators to get their feedback before finally finishing the tracks.

It is a very slow and time consuming but yet VERY relaxing process for me. I absolutely love this work and I am keen to know what the sounds are doing for you.

Hand picked recommendations

good sleep

There are many tracks in this “Turning in” series that are great for deep sleep states. Here are my personal picks to quickly relax your nervous system and support deep sleep 

Track 04: Deep Space Delta

Track 1 & 2: Thunderstorm & Ho’Oponopono

instant ecstasy

This is my personal selection to kick start my energy and quickly lift me up to the next level

productivity and focus

Most of the tracks from this “Turning in” series are excellent to enhance your focus and productivity. Here is my personal suggestion for you

Track 06: Joy (Wake Up Version)

Track 1: Out of Body Alpha

heal and transform

While all the tracks on this “Turning in” series are transformational here are my personal favorites that have healed me

Track 01, 02, 03: Realities, Surrealities, Om

Track 01, 03, 04: Reprocessing, Expanding, Higher State

Track 01 & 02: Oceanic, Heart Beat

vision quest and guidance

These are my personal picks to promote inner guidance and have helped me connect to my Higher Self and intuition.

Track 02 & 05: Sweet inner Voice, What Don’t you want?

Track 01. Rain Forest Delta

Track 02: Inner Expedition