Brainwave Music

Are you looking to feel amazing and energetic at the touch of a button? Do you want to break free from cycles of anxiety, lethargy, and self-doubt without any negative side effects?

Studies in neuroplasticity consistently demonstrate the benefits of relaxation and meditation on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
[1. video: Huberman Ph.D. on science-based NSDR
2. video BBC News on Neuroplacticity 3. More Science ]
These practices significantly enhance our ability to think in an innovative, forward-thinking, interconnected way, to display empathy, experience joy and to take action. Our perceptions of ourselves, others, and the world around us are positively impacted. Notable figures such as Dr. Huberman, Vera F. Birkenbiehl, Tich Nathan, Sadhguru, Eckhart Tolle, and Dr. Joe Dispenza have shown that our nervous systems function best when we are calm and unafraid and safe. Research confirms: Our brains learn effortlessly and efficiently when we’re feeling safe and having fun. When we’re in a happy, relaxed state, our brain resonates at a specific frequency.  This peaceful and harmonious rhythm is the ideal foundation for focused learning, joyful rewiring, and inventive problem-solving. These states are achieved through sophisticated sound and music compositions and the integration of binaural beats [ alpha, theta, delta frequencies ] within the musical pieces.

The “Turning In” series offers direct and profound soothing effects on overstimulated nervous systems, with ambient compositions that guide you to a warm, peaceful, happy and secure place while entraining your brain to a new level.

Since 2009, sound designer and music producer Nadja Lind has been exploring and developing music experiences with healing properties, making a global impact in this field. (e.g., iAwake Technologies, Homodea, Katja Jäger, Omstars, Kino Yoga Kino McGregor)

WHEN to enjoy brainwave music?

  • to replenish when you’re feeling fatigued, irritated, sad, unsteady, uncreative or overwhelmed
  • Rejuvenating power nap (lying down with a eye mask)
  • During creative workflows / studying
  • As background music, massage, Spa, meditation
  • During flights or similar travel, and waiting times
  • To help you fall & get back asleep
    [Watch the immediate impact of sound on the body]

    Embark on a fun journey through a novel realm of neural enhancement opportunities and unleash your innate superpowers by individually exploring Nadja’s enthralling albums or delving into the alluring bundle packages:

My approach to healing sounds

Constructing a Turning In album resembles piecing together an extensive feature film more than producing a brief musical track – and the distinction will be palpable.

Developing an album for the Turning In collection demands at least four weeks of diligent studio labor, perpetual fine-tuning, and blending. To accurately discern and refine the impact that even the tiniest element has on the listener’s awareness and vitality, I must maintain a meditative state during my studio sessions.
Additionally, as I embarked on my kaleidoscopic adventures around the globe as a DJ, I’ve seized an eclectic array of atmospheric soundscapes and aural treasures that each distinct location presented. I’ve infused these captured recordings into numerous Turning In ambient healing compositions, bestowing them with a distinctive depth, expansiveness, and warmth.

This contemplative music is tailored with a specific purpose: to transform and broaden the listener’s mental state and elevate their consciousness. It is crucial that I embody a similar state of awareness while composing and crafting this unique music. Why? Because when you’re in a deeply relaxed, receptive, and expanded state, you become attuned to every minute detail, and the slightest inconsistency can disrupt the entire experience. Along the journey, I repeatedly evaluate the latest versions of the meditation tracks in their entirety. Additionally, I share them with seasoned meditators to gather feedback before finalizing the pieces.

Although the process is gradual and time-consuming, it is ultimately a profoundly soothing experience for me. I am deeply passionate about this work, and I am eager to discover the effects these sounds have on you.

I’ve found these ambient tracks to be a dependable solution whenever I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, lacking energy, or anxious. I usually sit or even lie down, wearing an eye mask and covered with a blanket, and listen to one of my favorite tracks. After only 20 minutes, I feel completely rejuvenated, with my energy restored, and I’m prepared to tackle my tasks. This music has been a lifesaver for me.

Hand picked recommendations

good sleep

There are many tracks in this “Turning in” series that are great for deep sleep states. Here are my personal picks to quickly relax your nervous system and support deep sleep 

Track 01: Nature’s Embrace

Track 1 & 2: Thunderstorm & Ho’Oponopono

instant ecstasy

This is my personal selection to kick start my energy and quickly lift me up to the next level

productivity and focus

Most of the tracks from this “Turning in” series are excellent to enhance your focus and productivity. Here is my personal suggestion for you

Track 06: Joy (Wake Up Version)

Track 1: Out of Body Alpha

heal and transform

While all the tracks on this “Turning in” series are transformational here are my personal favorites that have healed me

Track 01, 02, 03: Realities, Surrealities, Om

Track 01, 03, 04: Reprocessing, Expanding, Higher State

Track 01 & 02: Oceanic, Heart Beat

vision quest and guidance

These are my personal picks to promote inner guidance and have helped me connect to my Higher Self and intuition.

Track 02 & 05: Sweet inner Voice, What Don’t you want?

Track 01. Rain Forest Delta

Track 02: Inner Expedition