Nadja's Frequency Farmacy: "Naural" Hacks

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High end brainwave music by Nadja Lind

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Hi, I'm Nadja

I’m a long time meditator, music producer, sound designer, founder of the record label LUCIDFLOW, co-founder of the production- & live-duo KLARTRAUM and I’m passionate about the profound impact that sound and frequency have on our body particularly the brain and neurochemistry and our entire wellbeing.

My mood-altering, productivity-enhancing and deep relaxing brainwave entrainment music is created with a whole different approach than classic new-age meditation sounds. From my very first piece of binaural music I intended the music to be functional, fun to listen to and able to take you, the listener, to altered states of consciousness and access parts of your subconscious in order to change and rewire old thought, feeling and behaviour patterns quickly and for good. They simply work!

Listen for yourself, feel the difference and let me know what you experience!

Love, Nadja

PS: I’ve found these ambient tracks to be a dependable solution whenever I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, lacking energy, or anxious. I usually sit or even lie down, wearing an eye mask and covered with a blanket, and listen to one of my favorite tracks. After only 20 minutes, I feel completely rejuvenated, with my energy restored, and I’m prepared to tackle my tasks. This music has been a lifesaver for me.I suggest you listen to lossless sound (wav, aiff, flac, alac) on quality stereo headphones.

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