Nadja Lind (featured by Lucidflow, iAwake Technologies, Kino Yoga, Omstars, Homodea) is highly sought-after developer of healing frequencies, binaural meditation entrainment, anxiety- & stress-release sounds and functional work-out and stretching music. She is also an international dj of electronic music, music label owner and electronic dance music producer.
But that’s only one side, there’s much more to know about her:

Nadja Lind has been creating (and using) binaural beat ambient meditations since 2011, producing electronic music since 2004, and DJ-ing since 2003. She used to work out approximately six times a week at the gym, but in 2018 switched to doing Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga seven times a week.
She was trained in Sadhguru’s “Inner Engineering & Shambhavi Mahamudra” at the Isha Foundation, and has been practicing on a daily basis since October 2017. She used to work as an aerobics- & fitness instructor and is a certified Yoga teacher.

Nadja is a certified specialist in Pain Relief Therapy, Osteo Pressure & Fascia Yoga (trained at Liebscher & Bracht) a certified Energy Medicine Therapist (Donna Eden) and Healing Trauma & Addiction Dr. Gabor Maté.
She’s also trained in hypnosis and massage therapy and a vigorous practitioner of Voice Dialogue (Hal & Sidra Stone), Quantum Psychology (Stephen Wolinsky), Ho’oponopono (Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len), and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops.

Nadja’s DJ career kicked off 2003 and has spawned a typically globetrotting calendar (fabric London, Burning Man USA, Time Club Manila, Kater Blau, Tresor Berlin, DC10 and Sankeys Ibiza, Kazantip UA), a production career that has seen several works as either a solo artist or with KLARTRAUM production buddy Helmut Ebritsch, and the dizzying heights of being co-owner of the high-class electronic music imprint LUCIDFLOW and its sublabels.

Her personal development and spiritual evolution led her to starting her own Meditation Series “Turning in“. Recording initially to support her own healing process, but quickly also appealing to her friends and DJ colleagues who requested more drone waves with the certain Nadja touch, was the beginning of ‘Turning In’­ Binaural/Ambient Meditations.


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