Turning In, Vol. 12

Quantum Field

The phenomenal Quantum Field composition is designed to gently guide you into states of deep relaxation, emotional release, and inner peace, achieved through underlying binaural frequencies – frequencies designed to physically stimulate the human mind. This guides your body to naturally release its own de-stressing hormones, allowing you to breathe deeper, and supports your physical and spiritual body to re-balance and recover quickly from the rigors of everyday life.
Nadja Lind recorded ambient soundscapes on high quality stereo microphones in two cathedrals in Berlin as part of the architecture of these audio tracks, generating a spacey, dynamic atmosphere layered with theta brainwave-targeted binaural frequencies sound tech.

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What's inside

This powerful unique deep meditative “Quantum Field” ambient sound track guides you into a deeper understanding and awareness of yourself with the support of binaural brain entrainment theta waves technology. It is highly recommended to use quality headphones and lossless sound quality formats such as ALAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV in order to get the best possible experience and effects.
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How you can use the tracks

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Binaural frequencies on this album

binaural frequencies on this album are THETA

The tracks in detail

1. Quantum Field [asmr, 4 Hz theta binaural] (40:05)

Nadja Lind: “I’ve been listening to this binaural drone track for a long time. Initially, I created it for myself to deal with sleeping disorders, sleep deprivation, PTSD, fatigue from chronic pain, anxiety… Due to these reasons, I often can’t find peace and energy at nighttime, so you can imagine how weak and stressed out I feel during the day. My resort has been to listen to Quantum Field ASMR Theta whenever I need an energy boost.
It worked so well for me that I gave it to few close friends and DJ colleagues—they really loved listening to it and started asking for more. Some use it like I do a lot—when they feel energyless and tired and can’t catch enough sleep. Others like to use it to stay focused while they are at work in front of a computer. It has also helped me release much stress from PTSD. This soundtrack includes field recordings from inside both the Nicolai Church and the Berlin Dome. Such a great reverb acoustic!”
Quantum Field (ASMR, 4Hz Theta) is a powerfully evocative program. 
How to use Quantum Field (Theta):
Listen to them as a meditation tool, play while you are working/studying for inspired focus & creativity. For power napping and energy reset. To make up for sleepless nights or jet-lag. Prepping for a performance
Please note:
Use with headphones
Plan to have enough time for your session to be experienced and integrated.
Make the place comfortable and cozy (use dim lights, incense).
Do some light stretching combined with a few deep breaths before you begin.
Drink some water (both before and after).
Sit comfortably, with your spine straight but relaxed, or lay down with a blanket.
Set an intention that the session will take you wherever you need to go.
Put your headphones on in order to get the optimal effect of the binaural technology, listening with headphones provides the optimal effect. Press play, and enjoy. 🙂
If your attention wanders, gently return to the sounds, your breath, or your preferred meditation practice.
If you fall asleep that’s also fine. The Drone is built to gently guide you out of the deep state towards the end of the track.
Can also be played in the background to texture your living space (without the binaural effect) 

My Story

Never would I have imagined my “Turning In” music would turn my life around! 

Many years of my life I suffered from severe post traumatic stress (PTSD) symptoms including depression, back pain, and addiction. Constantly haunted by horrific memory loops replaying in my “body-mind,” I felt lost, stuck, broken, and hopeless since the usual therapies didn’t do much for me. Every time I fell asleep from pure exhaustion — even if it was only for three minutes — I startled awake from severe flashbacks and nightmares so vivid I could even smell the perpetrators. I was miserable, sleep-deprived, and at times I didn’t even have the energy to open the curtains — or even to weep.

…Until a co-incident forever changed my path

Creating music has always been my refuge, and one night I got really frustrated working on a dance music track that didn’t seem to work, except for a beautiful, layered melody that caught my attention. When I removed the percussion, I was immediately carried away by the flow of the music. I was completely in the “zone” and when I dove out of it, I felt reborn — refreshed, relieved, full of energy, and so much lighter. I remembered what Dr. Shapiro wrote in her book on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and began experimenting with (binaural) healing frequencies. After all, I had just felt the healing effect of frequencies on my own nervous system.

Brain coherence & neuroplasticity at work
Whenever I put my headphones on and listen to “Turning In,” my nervous system relaxes, my thoughts become quiet, my body gets still, and I can actually feel my brain communicating more coherently, rewiring and healing. Every day I feel lighter, calmer, more focused, more refreshed, awake, energized, alive, relieved, confident, and healed.

I am grateful for this journey.

Of all the electronic music I’ve produced, my healing ambient frequencies have impacted me the most. They have given me back a quality of life.


How I made this music


Nadja Lind recorded ambient soundscapes on high quality stereo microphones in two cathedrals in Berlin as part of the architecture of these audio tracks, generating a spacey, dynamic atmosphere layered with theta brainwave-targeted sound tech.
I created this piece of music in my studio in Berlin using my beloved Organ 3 from Fab FilterOmnisphere 2 from SpectrasonicsNative Instrument Guitar Rig 5 and several special reverb effects and filterings.

Let your brain do the deep dive

This is a handcrafted audio journey for your brain, your nervous system and your whole energy body. Make sure to listen to this gourmet sound with headphones 🎧 so the binaural frequencies can stimulate your brainwaves. To intensify your experience and to go deep, consider wearing a sleeping mask 😎 to black out any visual stimulus while listening. To provide you with full resolution audio this Album is available on bandcamp where the streaming quality in the app is high and you can download your music in many losless and HQ formats like .wav, .aiff, .alac or also .mp3-320kbps. (I highly recommend lossless quality!)

Listeners about Turning In. Vol. 12

"It had very neat and strange energetic effects. Odd feelings, like pathways opening up in my body. I meditated with my girlfriend with this track and her response to Strong Medicine was that 'it feels like veils have been taken down.'"
Dave & girlfriend

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Hi! I’m Nadja Lind, producer of state changing brainwave music. If you have any questions, check out the about me page or send me an E-Mail.

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