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Nadja Lind, healer, producer, yogini, and one of iAwake’s brilliant longstanding brainwave entrainment developers, has created a new gem called Refuge: A Place of Peace Amid the Storms of Life. Here, Nadja is in conversation with John Dupuy, CEO of iAwake Technologies, and fellow entrainment artist (and iAwake’s CTO) Douglas Prater to talk about Refuge, the alpha brainwave state, and daily practice. Learn More About Refuge: https://bit.ly/2VNF4R5 In this conversation, Nadja, John, and Doug discuss: – Why alpha? – Taking refuge in flow states – Composition’s aim to create a light, welcoming, enveloping sensation like a warm summer day – Entrainment includes punctuating organ sounds to remind listener to come back to the NOW – What do these tracks have to do with Africa? – A passion for recording ambient sounds – Favorite ways to listen to Refuge – The alpha brainwave state boosts the immune system, enhances creativity, increases overall well-being Nadja Lind: https://nadjalind.com/ Subscribe to YouTube Channel to check out more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF84… More iAwake Technologies: https://www.iawaketechnologies.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ProfoundMedi… https://www.twitter.com/iAwakeTeam https://www.instagram.com/iawaketeam/ At iAwake Technologies, we create innovative, sound-based tools for people like us who are passionate about waking up, healing, and making a difference.

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