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Nadja leading WeAwake Global Meditation with her ‘Purrfound Meditation’ tune (Aug. 2020)

Let’s meditate together around the globe: Nadja leading WeAwake Global Meditation with her her music. This week iAwake are streaming the 33-minute 36-second track of 01 Purrfound Meditation. Activate Transformation and Self-Healing with Brainwave Entrainment Powered Purring. 

NOTE: The full meditation for this WeAwake session in no longer available. It is only available for a week after the video premiere. However, you can still watch the introduction of the track, listen to a sample of the track (3 minutes) during the group meditation, and the dharma talk. If you wish to learn more about the meditation track used in this session and listen to the sample, visit 

What if you were capable of far more than you ever dreamed possible? The key to our evolution and growth, spiritually, personally, and globally, lies in our willingness to face our suffering with fearless honesty and push through the illusory limitations we’ve placed upon ourselves. How will you challenge yourself today? Leave a comment and let us know.
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