Lucidflow music is an ongoing electronic meditation where a musical and spiritual family

is given the platform to explore their true ideas.

In mid 2009 Nadja and Helmut took control of their output through their own label.

Simply Lucid; bright, clear, deep, conscious and FLOW; a flowing energy & creativity.

Both as their double act Klartraum and individually the label bosses both love deep,

elegant and moving tracks. Expression, deepness, groove, feeling, healing, sound quality

and significance is the focus on what they want to spread through Lucidflow and their

message has been received by the world’s most respected DJs. Their complex and

beautiful journeys into sound take listeners and dancers into a trance like state, lucid and

aware of their actions but able to recognize signs and contort them to discover themselves


With over 25 years production experience between them, Nadja and Helmut’s ear for

quality, well produced sound means that their message rings ever truer in the ears of

their followers. Artists who have released on Lucidflow include Alex Kaddour, Carlos

Sanchez & DJ Ray, G-Man aka Gez Varley, Hatikvah, Onur Ozman, Paul Loraine, Silicone Soul, Silky, UGLH, Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile, D. Diggler, Yapacc and many more

Lucidflow was founded as the platform for Klartraum’s purest music and the tracks from

the label bosses adhere to the integral approach of Ken Wilber’s AQAL map. The label

is aiming to reach open minds – as some people have already recognized – to spread a

message: Of how to become more conscious, more empathic, aware, developed, open,

loving, couragous, and to link these personal developments for one uplifting flow.

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