Nadja Lind – Oceanic (Kino Yoga Version)

binaural 7 Hz Theta waves (listen on headphones)

Here are a few simple tips that can really help you make the most of your session:
Plan to have enough time for your session to be experienced and integrated.
Make your place comfortable and cozy (use dim lights, incense).
Do some light stretching combined with a few deep breaths.
Sit comfortably, with your spine straight but relaxed or lay down comfortably and warm.
Smile and wish/ask/trust that the session might take you wherever you need to go.
Put your headphones on, press play and enjoy. 🙂
Because these tracks include binaural technology, listening with headphones provides the optimal effects.

You can use this track to:

enhance and deepen your daily meditation practice
have a full-body experience of the ride between being awake and asleep
inspire your creativity when you feel stuck
gain access to your inner wisdom
start your day relaxed and energized
focus your thoughts
let go of compulsive thoughts and patterns
ease your brain and nervous system
energize your body after training or during breaks
tune out from stress
enhance your yoga or tai chi practice
strengthen your capacity to study and learn
fall back to sleep if you wake up in the night
enjoy a deep Shavasana in your yoga practice