10th Anniversary Lucidflow Records ltd. VINYL (dub-tech)


10th Anniversary Lucidflow with Klartraum, Nadja Lind, D. Diggler, Spettro

For their tenth anniversary, Lucidflow return to physical media with a value packed slice of wax. Klartraum and co-owner Nadja Lind feature, alongside production behemoth D. Diggler, Klartraum partner Helmut Ebritsch and special guest slot for returning artist Spettro. 

Nadja leads off at full tilt with a high energy workout on ‘Holistic Kit’, teaming tumbling drums with sci-fi synths and poignant key changes. With high tempo techno and the return of synth led music being a key theme from 2018, this is absolutely on the money. Pairing with the usually rambunctious D. Digger, ‘Mekong Delta’ is more contemplative. Named after the Vietnamese region, the track is as hypnotically undulating as the river that runs through it.

Then, joining up with fellow Lucidflow co-owner Helmut Ebritsch, ‘Weltenwandler’ is a typical Klartraum workout. Ocean deep, the key aspect to lock on to here is the rising and falling dub chord that underpins the track. It goes from a supporting rhythmic tone to lynchpin of the evolving melody which creeps in sneakily as the track evolves. Finishing off the release is ‘Lunch With Kerri’ from Spettro. The Little Helpers and Get Physical artist returns to Lucidflow with a particularly on point piece of jazz flecked broken down techno. Full of energy, it is a crackling highlight, and a little taster of what is to come from this artist on Lucidflow in the near future.