Nadja & Paul Loraine

Nadja & Paul Loraine

Klartraum producer and Lucidflow boss Nadja Lind teams up with Paul Loraine to Eat The Frog…
Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine
Eat The Frog EP (Get You, Double Swinged, Eat The Frog, Eat The Frog – Helmut Ebritsch Remix)

Describe the record in five words.
Exciting, groovy, deep, flowing and fun.

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?
Nadja: Get You is on the sunny/funny side, and no matter where I’ve played it – underground clubs in Berlin or gorgeous open-air beach events – people have been screaming and jumping with a huge smile on their faces. And of course, the Helmut Ebritsch remix of Eat The Frog is a nuclear bomb in my opinion – and not just my opinion. It’s rocking goodness!
Paul: There is something for everyone on this EP. Get You always works well on any soundsystem, and so does Double Swinged, which is a bit more hedonistic. Then there’s Eat The Frog, which as Nadja says, has that incredible reworking from Helmut. Ole!

How does it differ from your last release?
Nadja: The Sunspots EP was a solo Nadja Lind project, and my solo work is considered to be


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