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Kahuna EP

Working side-by-side in the studio, the accomplished producers D. Diggler and Nadja Lind have managed to mesh their styles perfectly. They have come together as a whole although you can spot their trademark motifs running through each track. Andreas Mügge has been making a repeated series of waves on the Lucidflow catalogue. Somewhat the veteran journeyman of the scene, he seems to have found his home and is putting his well oiled production machine to good use. ‘Kahuna’, the next release on Lucidflow, sees an intriguing caveat as he rubs shoulders with co-owner Nadja Lind in a showdown between...

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Toolroom: Rhythm Distrikt- Nadja Lind & D. Diggler (Gayle San, Joe Mesmar, DJ Fronter, George Privatti…)

CHECK THIS RELEASE ON BEATPORT Rhythm Distrikt makes its return in 2017 with the next instalment in the tough, Techno-driven series with ‘Rhythm Distrikt 15’. Kicking things off is new-found Rhythm Distrikt favourite Joe Mesmar with his melodic offering ‘Born Free’ which delivers atmospheric tones and clever synth patterns over a heavy bassline. Next up, we welcome newcomers; D. Digger and Nadja Lind with their exclusive offering ‘Einfach Zweifach’ which...

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