Nadja Lind – Oceanic (Kino Yoga Version)

binaural 7 Hz Theta waves (listen on headphones)

Here are a few simple tips that can really help you make the most of your session:
Plan to have enough time for your session to be experienced and integrated.
Make your place comfortable and cozy (use dim lights, incense).
Do some light stretching combined with a few deep breaths.
Sit comfortably, with your spine straight but relaxed or lay down comfortably and warm.
Smile and wish/ask/trust that the session might take you wherever you need to go.
Put your headphones on, press play and enjoy. πŸ™‚
Because these tracks include binaural technology, listening with headphones provides the optimal effects.

You can use this track to:

enhance and deepen your daily meditation practice
have a full-body experience of the ride between being awake and asleep
inspire your creativity when you feel stuck
gain access to your inner wisdom
start your day relaxed and energized
focus your thoughts
let go of compulsive thoughts and patterns
ease your brain and nervous system
energize your body after training or during breaks
tune out from stress
enhance your yoga or tai chi practice
strengthen your capacity to study and learn
fall back to sleep if you wake up in the night
enjoy a deep Shavasana in your yoga practice

Album: Nadja Lind & Kino Yoga ‘Joy of Theta’

Kino Yoga, Nadja Lind, Omstars, Kino MacGregor, Lucidflow
Nadja Lind, Kino Yoga, Kino MacGregor, Omstars, Kino MacGregor, Lucidflow

β€œAt times I felt so relaxed and focused that a lot of anxiety seemed to melt away.”– Michael Lapetina

β€œI was transported to a dreamlike state where everything was colored with beauty.”– E.Z.

β€œFrom the first moment I became an inner smile as a timeless being.” – Karen Lee-Lohmann

β€œLovely all round. Nadja has knocked it out of the park, yet again…” – S. C.Β 

β€œLove it! Have been listening to it a couple of times a day and can’t get enough.– Allyson

β€œThese are fabulous! Among the best of iAwake.”– Lauretta Goforth

β€œI experienced a sense of lasting peaceful joy during and after listening to these tracks.”– Paul Ennemoser

Nadja Lind – Joy of Theta (Kino Yoga Version) takes you on a magic theta carpet ride from start till end. It is an ocean of layered melodies, sounds, and instruments, occupying both brain hemispheres through the entrainment and also through sounds meandering from left to right. It blends an artfully created symphony of joyful sound layers with Nadja Lind’s signature, cutting-edge brainwave entrainment technology to guide your brain from beta consciousness into the theta brainwave frequency, which is the doorway to the unconscious. Enter a flow state of profound creativity, insight, and great inspiration by tapping into the field of unity and universal connection — the best state in which to create your reality through vivid visualizations and affirmations.
Who isn’t sometimes distracted from environmental noise, mental noise, or repetitive compulsive thoughts about daily life, work, and to-do lists? These tracks were created to make both time and space free from outside interruptions and also the chatter inside your head, so you can become more relaxed, focused, and in tune with your inner guidance. Listening to Theta Joy is an opportunity to take a mental shower from daily thought pollution, to become still and discover what wants to be expressed from within you.Β 
Theta is a very relaxed brainwave state, close to sleep. The nature of the sound patterns and melodies in both soundtracks in Joy of Theta (Kino Yoga Version) can keep you right at the surface in a flow state with increased focus, and they can also help youΒ  fall into a deep, relaxed, sleep-like trance state.
Joy of Theta (Kino Yoga Version) is released on Omstars and can help you:

  • tap into your inner joy
  • deepen your meditation practice
  • increase your creativity
  • relax your body/mind
  • deepen your breathing
  • connect with your inner self
  • focus your thoughts
  • visualize potentials
  • stabilize your immune system
  • release fatigue
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Turning In, Vol. 11 (binaural drone ambientation)