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TURNING IN, VOL. 11 – binaural Ambientation Drone Music

here’s a brief list of books I highly recommend on inner work and evolving yourSelf (additional books + videos further down):
all books by Dr. Stephen Wolinsky (My No.1) (dismantling questions pt.1)
Dr. Gabor Maté on Attchment, brain development, stress, addiction, ADHD
Dami Charf – Traumaheilung (GER)
all by Peter Levine (releasing Trauma)
Dr. Stephen Porges Polyvagal theory & Safe Sound Protocol
Stanley Keleman (Somatic Experiencing)
all books by Dr. Alice Miller
The Fantasy Bond by Dr. Robert W. Firestone
all books by John Bradshaw
Dr. Gabor Maté on neuro science, brain development and addiction
Ken Wilber
Alexander Lowen
Eckhart Tolle
Neale Donald Wlasch’s Conversation(s) with God
Allan Watts
How to calm a crying baby in 5 sec. every time

Liebscher & Bracht Schemerzlexikon – was kann ich bei welchen Schmerzen selbst tun?
Umgang mit Traumata – ein interview mit Ilan Stephani
Waris Dirie – Wüstenblume Hilfsorganisation
TARGET HUMAN RIGHTS by Annette and Ruediger Nehberg
Interview Rüdiger Nehberg
Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke über Polarität, Projektion und Schatten
Dr. Joachim Bauer – Scmerzgrenze
Aussöhnung mit dem inneren Kind (german) Margaret Paul and Erika J. Chopich
Weiblicher Narzissmus – Hunger nach Anerkennung (german) von Bärbel Wardetzki

Rette dich, das Leben ruft! von Boris Cyrulnik und Hainer Kober
Dipl. Psychologe Wolfram Kölling über toxische Scham

Vera F. Birkenbihl – Viren des Geistes
Vera F. Birkenbihl – Anti-Ärger-Strategien
Chris Mulzer – NLP Trainer
Prof. Hüther über Inspiration & Lernfreude
Vortrag Genetik/Hirnentwicklung (Prof. Gerald Hüther)
Gerald Hüther über Leidenschaft und Lernen
Hüther ‘Glücksgefühle
Hüther Vortrag
Vortrag Hüther
Eugen Drewermann über Natur und Religion – brilliant!
Hormone: Die Kurve der Frau

STEPHEN WOLINSKY – Waking from the trance
Dr. Gabor Maté on Shame
The Biology, Morality and Politics of Addiction
Dr Gabor Maté web-site
Dr Gabor Maté on stress, addiction and neuroplasticity
Dr Gabor Maté Ayahuasca treatment
Dr Gabor Maté – Hold on to your kids
Heroines a documentary video
this woman is incredibly courageous! listen to her TED talk
The truth about addiction listen to this TED talk + addiction in a nutshell the opposite of addiction is not sobriety – it’s connection!

Paul McKenna on emotional freedom

Paul McKenna – instant help on cravings

Malala Yousafzai speech at UN 2013 (girl got shot in head by Taliban terrorists)

Waris Dirie – Desert Flower Foundation
National Geographic Live
Self-immolation in Afghanistan
Female Genital Mutilation is CIVIL WAR and CRIME ! ! !
Integral Recovery by John Dupuy – a must have
videos about trauma treatment
VERY GOOD doku on Borderline Peronality Disorder
Jackson Katz – concept of ‘victim blaming
Dr. Alice Miller
Eckart Tolle & Neal Donald Walsch
Borderline Documentary (hits the nail on the head!)
trauma – 25 techniques for treating emotional trauma
powerful tool: Diane Hamilton explains 3-2-1 shadow work process
How to stop worrying
Rupert Sheldrake on The Science Delusion
amazing TED talk on creativity! watch here

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz about neuroplasticity
Dr. Norman Doidge on Neuroplasticity
Helen Fisher about brains in love
Freedomain Radio
Plastic Planet

Gary Yourofsky on empathy
Integral Recovery by John Dupuy
Brain Scientist talks about her stroke from inside
a brief overview on what is borderline personality disorder
Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life
Jeffrey Schwartz on Neuroplasticity
Jeffrey Schwartz You Are Not Your Brain
incredibly inspiring and touching Last Lecture By Randy Pausch (diagnosed with cancer)
Sir Ken Robinson says school kills creativity
Sir Ken Robinson Web-Site
BBC WORLD SERVICE – OUTLOOK (inspiring people)

Klartraum (Nadja Lind & Helmut E.) about EVOLUTION

John Bradshaw “Healing the Shame that binds you” (Part 1/6)

Eckhart Tolle

Dr. Hew Len on Ho’oponopono

John Dupuy on Integral Recovery



organic window farming

what happens when attachment doesn’t happen

How your brain tells you where you are…

aural MDMA check this out 😉