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Nadja’s Album

“The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open.” (OSHO)

Paco Osuna: “very nice album,full support”
Pablo Fierro: “Great release!!!” (will chart)
Maya Jane Coles: “Thanks for this, I’ve been following Nadja’s stuff for a while now – real solid production skills :)”
Pig&Dan: “Beautiful in general. Cant say its going in my box for Peak time sets but fuck me I will be dropping this when the times right. Great work Thanks for this”
Let’s Go Outside (Slant, Soma): “Consistently lovely album… very nice stuff. Will play lots.”
Terry Francis: “gonna download and take a listen pussy cat. speak soon”
Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four): “nice album Nadja !”
DocePulgadas (): “nice stuff, perfect to flow and dance!”
Matthias Springer (Diametral Records / “just WOW , that is one of the most impressive albumworks this year, full support!”
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature / 8bit) (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “very nice album!! all my best to nadja!! thanks :-)”
Roman Rubique (United Radio Moscow): “Great album!So tasty tracks))”
Giuliano Rodrigues (G recordings): “Connect or disconnect with Limbus & Brain Candy. The fragments of this album, can change the way we feeling things… ” (will chart)
Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird): “After i hear this on a proper sound system I will let you know if i am supporting this record.”
Martin (Noir Music): “The Pretty is the track for me. Cheers MT”
Alex Kaddour (Lucidflow, Piekup, Idea, ): “Yeah! One of my fav labels and team comes again straight to my box! definetly will play some of them! Full Support!”
BERNY (): “Very delicate Album at first listen… for noe “After The Rain” is my little tresure, thanx!”
Yaroslove (Pro-Tez,Baile Music, CoolTool Rec): “Love the sound as usual!! Gotta spend some time to listen and choose favorite tracks! ”
Tom Schoen: “good candy stuff….i like…nice Techtunes”
DZeta N’ Basile (1Trax/Tsuba/Real Tone/VIVa): “Nice album in perfect Nadja’s style!”
Steve Kelley (): “Nice Minimal Album, my favourite track is Limbus!.”
Ocean Gaya (Lovezone Rec.) (Lovezone Records, Plastic City, Acryl): “Wow briiliant album… solid groove as usual… and brainy harmonics… full support”
Hall North (Soma, Fade, Cubism, Celestial, Tulipa, Endemic, 26TeaDrops International): “Absolutely stunning stuff as ever from Nadja, deep, emotive, ethereal and moody tech-infused house with soul! Can’t get enough!! Just don’t ask me to pick a favourite please!! ” (will chart)
Miss Sunshine: “Beautiful, deep album! It is a brain candy indeed! I enjoyed so much in listening! ”
Joseph Keevill (Saytek): “Amazing sounds , love it beautiful , can’t play because i only play live x”
Andrea Ferlin (sleep is commercial, contexterrior): “after the rain is my fav” (will chart)
Omar Salgado (Foundsound, Lezzismore): “Really love this album. My fav. tracks are Chat-Lag, The Pretty and The Preach.”
John P. – “Great album Nadja. Love your sounds. Full support by !!! Thanks”
Eddie Merced (): “Solid album! The track ‘Brain Candy’ is beautifully crafted with lovely emotional synths that does an awesome job through out the track, it’s a track for the soul. I’m feeling the message behind ‘A Choice‘. I’m loving Tyrannosaurus Lutz, the dubbed out synths, percussions and bassline are awesome! I have to mention Limbus and After The Rain these two tracks literally transport you into a state of mind, they have a deep meaning to it. I’m looking forward to stare at the distant horizon and FEEL the energy between these two tracks – In all this album is damn good! I’m planning to take a stroll on the beach this weekend, I will definitely be adding this to my iPod. Congrats on the album Nadja! :D”
Solee (Parquet Recordings): “Very interesting album, good production and a lot of fresh and exciting sounds! Unfortunately nothing to play for me, but really great for listening!, thanks!”
Maurizio Vitiello (bauns, rilis, loose, metroline ltd, orion, BU!, deeperefect & more): “very nice Nadja! great Album & great athmosphere. I submit to you in order of my preference about some tracks: Chat-Lag Brain Candy The Preach ”
Jerry Abstract (Shitkatapult, From 0-1, Slant, Semisexual, Dragons Eye): “Chat-Lag, The Pretty, and The Preach are my selections and that my audience will enjoy.”
Da Funk (Acryl Music, iRecords, Plastic City): “limbus is my pick of the bunch here. thanks”
Sasch BBC (8 Bit, Brise, Plastic City): “really nice album! especially the Track Chat-Lag is an awesome piece. great work!”
The Messenger (Soul Industries / i Records / Night Drive Music / Plastic City): “Fantastic work!Limbus and The Pretty are realy great.Full support.” (will chart)
Onur Özman (Rebirth, Dutchie, Night Drive, Onethirty, Clubstar): “I love Chat-Lag. Brilliant track!” (will chart)
Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone ,Acryl ,Etoka,Pesto): “Heey Nadja ! your album is excellent my dear you have a great sound ID !..the most important for me. this is gonna be in my bag for a long time thanx for the present my friend much love and respect from Athens ” (will chart)
Philogresz (treibstoff, ware, clone): “thanks for the promo first of all, and some thoughts… A Choice – kinda my choice;) of cake, deep lush moods here…velvet bass – me like to… Brain Candy is also appealing -like the thin kick and the pulsy bass roll idea… unusual approach, digging this kind of experiments mostly” (will chart)
Qmusse (Reisei Records, Loco records, Nightbird Music ): “Very good taste on sounds and very elegant construction. Bravo!”
Scott Harrington (i! Records, Pack Up & Dance, Blockhead): “Love these tracks – all sound great”
Dj Trinity (Pinksilver ): “Another amzing release by techno goddess Nadja Lind!! ” (will chart)
Calin Marian aka Catastrophic (): “Great sounds in this album. Thank you very much for sending, full support from Tunnel FM – Sweden ;)”
Monty Luke (Planet-E): “NICE! Congrats Nadja!”
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings): “Felling mostly After the Rain and Limbus as the other tracks are too much for my sets. Thanks!!”
Hernan Cattaneo: “very good album will play” (will chart)
Paul Jove a.k.a. Pituko (San Pedro Music / CE Records / Tenebrae): “All tracks are great, deep and dreamy, wow… Sorry Books is huge! Chat-Lag reminds me of an outdoor party dancing next to the speaker, way to go on the minimal deep side with Tyrannosaurus Lutz, After the Rain takes me on a dub journey with many colours, Limbus is definitely a great morning track! thank you! ” (will chart)
Herve Dias (): “This is Brain Candy for my ears and my soul !!! Big love to NADJA…”
Black Dymanite: “Brain Candy feels like sweet sugar in my mind. Really good, nice atmosphere.” (will chart)
Bjoern Scheurmann (Fassade Records): “Lucidflow-Stylish: Deep and groovey! Good job!”

Nadja Lind Brain Candy ALBUM OF THE WEEK!

The Klartraum producer and Lucidflow boss talks us through her debut solo album, Brain Candy (22.10.2011 Lucidflow)…

EQTV loves this album. Why will everyone else love it too?
Wow, thanks a lot. I’m glad you love my album! That means a lot to me since I’ve put much soul, heart and work into it. This album is… read more

Nadja Lind Debut Album BRAIN CANDY on Beatport















NIGHTCLUBBER RO Nadja interview + podcast (deep/tech/house)

Released by: lucidflow
Release/catalogue number: DCD012
Release date: Oct 22, 2011

G-Man & Nadja Lind 9.9.11

LF022 – G-Man & Nadja Lind – G-Catz EP by lucidflow

Review Mixside:

Kenny Larkin – Detroit – Very nice release! Will support

Shlomi Aber – Ovum – loving meow , will play…

Sebo K: “great release ! meow is the winner for me !”

Orde Meikle- Slam / Soma – support as ever

Ali Shirazinia – Dubfire / Deep Dish – Downloading for Dubfire

Richie Hawtin – M_Nus – download for r hawtin

Laurent Garnier – deep and moody – great ep

Alex Tepper – Drumcode / Viva / Futureshock – NIce E.p, all tracks are cool for me

Todd Shillington – Konrad Black / Wagon Repair – Bombs!!! Thanks!

Kris Wadsworth – Poker Flat / NRK – Gez is one of my faveorite producers of all time. Screw the LFO reference, I came into his music as G Man. Period. I love this release. Such a refreshing group of tracks. Its a real escape from the little baby Ableton pseudo-house crap thats everywhere like a disease…if you guys got WAX…get at me, I want to be able to play this one. 110 percent support from Detroit. ; )

Patrick Lindsey: “meow is nice 🙂 memories coming back 😛 but overall a nice EP! full support!” (will chart)

D’julz: “quality techno as always from the g ma” (will chart)

Matthias Springer (Diametral Records / “WOW really cool release, my favs are Purr & Catmap!!”

Rick Bull- Deepchild / Freerange / Trapez / Resopal – Super A-Grade dub-house. Wonderful!

Vince Watson – Bio // Planet E // Tresor – ball of fur for me…its got the energy.

Dicken Lean – Confetti Bomb/OCH (Autoreply, PAL SL) – all four tracks wicked..Purr is heeeaavy! can really hear Gez’s touch in Meow.

Gonno – Perc Trax / Merkur Schallplatten – I trust the works of G-man, and this release is pretty good as well. Meow is my favorite.

Ed Davenport – Liebe*Detail – purr is great. a bit hectic but im willing to overlook that as the vibes are great.

Chris Fortier: “solid all around, with catnip especially”

George Lanham – loving this deep, chord techno. Meow is brilliant

Estroe – Connaisseur – Ha ha, nice titles guys 🙂 I’m into Ball of fur the most, thanks

Xhin Lee – Stoboscopic Artefacts – Meow is my fav here.

Arnaud Le Texier- Safari Electronique – Detroit influence ;-)) I like

Christopher Spero – Glimpse – Awsome EP guys will play Meow for sure. Thanks X

Danny Howells – Dig Deeper – Superb … and I’m always a sucka for anything cat related too.

Paco Osuna – Plus 8 / Shake / Mindshake – Meow for me very nice one

Terry Francis – Fabric – like these . there all cool.

Joachim Spieth – Kompakt – GREAT TRACKS

Lucien Nicolet – Luciano / Cadenza – Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Joseph Keevill (Saytek): “Love these sounds , i only play live so can’t support but feeling the vibes :)”

Steve Rachmad: “nice collab guys!! meow is my favorite here.”

Mark Bell (Shaboom Records): “Love the catnap cut! x”

Terry Francis (Klunk & Zilly, Fabric):”love the titles !! like them all purr my fav. very nice!”

Chris Liebing: “Downloading, thanks”

Ulysse (motoguzzi / edit-select / liebe*detail): “Thx for sharing, great release, love them all !!!” (will chart)

Dubfire: “Downloaded”

Omar Salgado: “I love Ball of fur and Catnap. Really nice tracks.”

Soukie & Windish (URSL, Hi Freaks, Norfolk, 200): “old school with new notes”

Tom Krizic (Groove Site): “This release is awesome not only because I’m a cat lover, it is something very special and refreshing on the market, really guys this is outstanding. Meow is my favorite from this selection must say. Much respect to you guys and Nadja who is one of the most kindest and nicest people I’ve meet in the industry, much love goes to you from Funtom!” (will chart)

Ocean Gaya (Lovezone Rec.) (Lovezone Records, Plastic City, Acryl): “Solid and deep groove as expected from the team work. Purr and Catnap for me.”

riccicomoto (acryl music, IRMA records, PDR, fairlads digital, 5000 records, holophon, final house): “…thanx for sending… …marvelous soundz…as allways…;)) …will play some of dem in my radioshow… ”

Ali Khan (kokoro): “”ball of fur” is my favorite of the pack. i will play — will fit well as a energy boost in some of my dubbier sets. thanx”

John P. – “great tracks…full support..thnx”

Paul Loraine (Lucidflow, Four:Twenty, Vitalik): “On first listen Ball Of Fur stands out the most for me, but as with all of Lucidflow release the chances are I’ll be playing all 4 trax’s here… Thanks girls and guys x” (will chart)

DJ Franksen (suara, bcbtec, plastic city, komm mit musik, soap and many more): “catnap is nice and will get my airplay. whole ep is back to the old school and nice in its fresh for today sound consistency. all hail the g-man!”

Hall North (Soma, Fade, Cubism, Celestial, Tulipa, Endemic, 26TeaDrops International): “A lovely release yet again from Lucidflow!! ‘Ball of Fur’ is Top Cat for me! FULL SUPPORT” (will chart)

Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings): “I’ll take a catnap first then I’ll be meowing all over the place!! Nice one, thanks.”

Alex Kaddour (Lucidflow, Piekup, Idea, ): “Great as always!! My fav here is “Purr”. Will play this! Support! Thanks for sending.”

Onur Özman (Rebirth, Dutchie, Night Drive, Onethirty, Clubstar): “Catnap is for me… Nice release, I like cats.”

Karlos Sense / Ibiza Sonica (): “Catnap for sure in my next gig. Thank you so much. ” (will chart)

Andre Buljat: “super nice work from g man and nadja” (will chart)

Philogresz (treibstoff, ware, clone): “catnap goes with me flow, funk you ;)”

The Messenger (Soul Industries / i Records / Night Drive Music / Plastic City): “Meow is great,love the whole thing, the rythm, the arrangement, the sounds and the name..”meeoow”..:) will support it!”

Andrea Ferlin (sleep is commercial, contexterrior): “Meow for me” (will chart)

Carlos Sanchez (Supernature / 8bit) (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “nice ep guys! love the whole ep, but ball of fur is the one for me… thanks :-)” (will chart)

Christopher Çolak (): “‘Catnap’ and ‘Purr’ are really sounding as a collaboration. Best parts from both G-Man and Nadja Lind productions collide and the result is tasty for sure. But I mostly like ‘Ball of Four’. Very dubby and rollin’ smooth!” (will chart)

Markojux: “great release – gman and nadja – what a mix. Thanks will play.”

G-Man & Nadja Lind
‘G-Catz EP’
Revered electronic music veteran Gez Varley AKA G-Man teams up with Lucidflow label boss and Klartraum producer Nadja Lind for a superb 4 track EP of stripped organic techno come house….
Gez Varley AKA G-Man has been a key player on the electronic music scene for over20 years, recording as LFO in the late eighties and early nineties for Warp and going on to build a solo career recording forthelikesofForce Inc, K7, Wir and ofcoursehis own GMR Records. Varley became acquainted with Lucidflow label owner and Klartraum producer, Nadja Lind when she recently took on remix duties for the G-Man classic ‘El Jem’. The two hit it off musically and a collaboration was soon on the cards, leading to the recordings of this first EP, entitled ‘G-Catz’ (apparently the pair are both big fans of feline company).
The EP opens up with the wonderfully heady ‘Purr’, a stripped yet organic sounding slice of techno that is reminiscent of classic Basic Channel. A subtle pulsing loop runs over taught percussion and swirling FX creating a deep hypnotic vibe that is truly sublime.
Next up we continue the cat the medtitling with the excellent ‘Meow’, a tightly produced piece of techno/house fusion that builds a solid groove around tough drums,‘purring’ keystabs and monophonic bass, simple, understated and quite brilliant.
The third cut sees Varley and Lind deliver the brilliant ‘CatNap’, a beautifully paced piece of rolling deep techno that uses subtlety and restraint to produce a marvelous piece of electronica that has a tripped out, heads down feel.
To finish things off the duo turn a little darker with ‘Ball of Fur’, a mesmerizing piece of techno with a slightly menacing air, yet the same deft touch of production that makes this whole EP so outstanding, pure quality!
Apparently Varley and Lind have another EP in the pipeline, and if this is anything to go by then we are truly in for a further treat.These recordings were all written and recorded remotely, with the two producers bouncing tracks back and forth between their respective studios, but it is clear that there’s a real musical chemistry here; long may it last!
‘G-Catz’ by G-Man & Nadja Lind is released on Lucidflow on 9th September 2011.

Best Of Nadja Lind 15.8.11

now on iTunes:

Best Of Nadja Lind (33 tracks, 2 DJ mixes)
some DJ reviews on Nadja Lind’s releases:
Agoria – “Cool tools, thanx!”
i-DJ Magazine UK – “Good stuff, have reviewed!”
De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Up for review.”
Smokin Jo – “Some excellent tracks here. Very cool.”
John Selway – “Maturity has, well, Maturity. Cool groove and some nice changes in the
arrangement, definitely the most interesting and developed of all the tracks.’
Ivan Smagghe – “Soundspooning is the one for me.”
Liapin – (Afrilounge) – “Maturity is my fave here…”
Lee Jones – (MyMy) – “Awesomely fat record!”
Funk D’Void – “Very cool grooves here, wow! Soundspooning!”
Christian Smith – “Maturity has some serious low bass! I like J More afterhour music, but
very good stuff.”
Luciano – “Will try Maturity.”
Ewan Pearson – “Maturity and Saubille are great!”
Gregor Tresher – “Cool and deep sounding tracks. I like!”
Marko Nastic – “Really like Maturity! Nice work Nadja.”
Phonic Express – (RTE Ireland) – “Maturity is a great DJ tool. I can see myself putting this
in longer sets for sure. Saubille is the winner though. I love the samples in between 3 and 6
mins. This will rock on a club soundsystem. Supporting.”
Riyaz Khan – (Diversions CHRY Toronto) – “I like the overall feel and vibe of these tracks,
they are great listens. Lots of interesting ideas and sounds – Dub At Ease is my fave!”
Karlos Sense – (Sonica Radio Ibiza) – “Incredible sound dear Nadja… is very very nice,
deep. I love it… rock up!!! Sull support.”
Raveline Magazine Germany – “Reviewing.”
Tsugi Magazine France – “Maturity is nice.”
Paco Osuna – “I like Soundspooning a lot ,very nice flow.”
Tedd Patterson – “Nice EP. Nice variety of grooves.”
Patrick Chardronnet – “V.MAN, i like!!”
Perc – “Dub At Ease is a great track, thanks :-)”
Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Very smooth house – love this. Maturity stands out.”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Excellent, really good stuff, all tracks are quality!”
Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Wow! Half an albums worth of material! Maturity is the stand out will
def play out and on radio show.”
Gruber & Nuernberg – “Maturity is a nice dub-house track for the early hours! Thanks…”
Terry Francis – “Muturity is the one for me, nice and deep and great cut up vocals. Cool!!”
Anderson Noise – “Big release!! Love it! Full support.”
Guy J – “Maturity for me thnx.”
Daniele Papini – “Love the mood on “Maturity “, support.”
John Digweed – “Saubille sounds really good.”
Till von Sein – “Dub At Ease is the pick in the pack for me..dig it a lot..”
Stacey Pullen – “Groovy minimal soundscapes, will support.”
Davide Squillace – “Great one on Maturity!”
Craig Morrison – (Silicone Soul) – “Nadja sent me this over – beautiful productions with epic
deepness fullest support!”
Martin Eyerer – “Interesting stuff. Havent decided yet but I think I will at least play one in my
radio show!”
Joseph Capriati – “Nice sound! My favourite is Maturity.”
Secret Cinema – “Great tracks with an analogue feel…support!”
Carl Cox – “Thanks for these – not come across Nadja before but liking her sound big time.”
Misstress Barbara – “A bit to deep form my sets but love the tracks!”
DJ Hell – “Very good!! Nice vibes! I will play Maturity.”
Chopstick – “What a deep and honest EP by Nadja! Already told her how ace maturity is..
Jimmy P – (Faith Fanzin/Radio) – “Really into Dub At Ease – strides the gap between pure
techno ad the dancefloor nicely.”
Steve Parry – (Juice FM UK) – “Soundspooning for me.”
Across The Line – (BBC Ulster) – “Maturity is the stand out cut on this for me.”
Chris Colak – (Dinamo FM Istanbul) – “This DJane is really talented and has a freshly sound. I
love this EP!”
Will Kinsella – (Ceoltronic/RTE Ireland) – “This EP is great. lots of different vibes in there but
all tied together with the same stripped down funk. Really like it.”

Rhadoo – “Get To Real is def the one for me..”
Guy J – “See Beyond is a beauty, great release.”
Federico Grazzini – (Zoo Project Ibiza) – “Super quality music.”
Pig – (Pig and Dan) – “Nice electronic groovy stuff quite dub infused and funky will definitely play some of it earlier in my set.”

John Selway – “Sounds excellent as usual, into all the tracks. Very nice chord progression in Beyond Illusion.”
Dubfire – “Deep stuff here!!”
Eelke Kleijn – “Wonderful EP. Loving all tracks.”
Florian Meindl – “See Beyond is nice and dubby.”
Samuel L Session – “Well made minimalistic house!”
Stuart McMillan – (Slam) – “See Beyond is nice for the warm up.”

Arnaud Le Texier – “Get To Real not bad! Will try it.”

Gregor Tresher – “Sounds good, Beyond Illusion and Get To Real are my picks, will play.”
Andrew Grant – (DC-10) – “BOMBS!!!”

Liapin – “Like See Beyond, nice dubby vibe!”
Chris Çolak – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Lucidflow is the imprint that makes my blood shaking with each track they release. Their futurist rhyme and pumpin’ grooves makes them one of my current favorite labels. With this release they are bigger in my mind. Timeless tunes! Lucidflow is ‘Beyond illusion and beyond all contemporary conventions.”

Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Love it!!! Get To Real sounds quality. Full support from Ibiza Global Radio.”

Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Nice ones – See Beyond is gorgeous!”

Steve Parry – (Juice FM) – “Beyond Illusion is very cool and different. See Beyond is great. Get to Real is cool too.”

Scan Mode – (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) – “Nice package. Good techno tracks!”

Tsugi Magazine France – “Get To Real is a nice one.”
Andrew Grant – (DC-10) – “Eat The Frog…nice deep funk
Hector – “Really dig this ep, thank u!!”
Axel Bartsch – “I like Helmut´s remix most. Get You is beautiful till the break, just don´t like
the vocals from there on.”
Michel de Hey – “Great label, fav on this one is the Helmut remix, excellent groove!”
Marco Carola – “Double Swinged is a nice track!!”
Seth Troxler – “Love the Helmut Ebrisch mix!!”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Cool tracks, I’ll try the Ebritsch remix.”
Maceo Plex / Maetrik – “The Helmut mix for me!! Will support.”
Alex Picone – “I like the remix of Helmut…cool!!!”
Club Madnezz Holland – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix…cool underground.”
Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Full support from Ibiza Sonica Radio… Nice and great
package… Thanks again for you music..”
M A N I K – “Eat The Frog is dope. thanks!”
Cirillo – “Filthy long & deep afterhours stuff.”
Ptoile – “Get You! Nice track. Like the vocal sample.”
Tedd Patterson – (Cielo/ NYC) – “Get You! is really cool stuff!!!”
Pawas – “Super release as usual!!”
Ralf – “The best Lucidflow ever.”
Till von Sein – “Eat The Frog is solid stuff!!”
Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Absolute quality – top marks – playing Get You!”
Jona – “Double Swinged is my favourite here. Nice groove!”
Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo) – “Always the best deep house. Get You! in the
Christopher Çolak – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “I adore this label! Distilled bass you
can get from nowhere, tasty than vodka! Yum!”
Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Nice sounds on Double Swinged!”
Paris One Reverse – “Sweet deep techno as usual with Lucidflow!”
Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Wow!!! Nice sound here!!! Full support from Ibiza
Global Radio.”
Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Good release – Helmut Ebritsch remix is
Tsugi Magazine France – “Double Swinged is cool one.”
Scan Mode – (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) – “Get you and Helmut remix are great,delicate
melodies and precious vocals are simply amazing,lovin’ all Lucidflow stuff,incredible label!”
Kev Obrien – ( – “Love the dreamy deep vibe on all the Lucidflow
releases..this is blissful!”
Arnaud Le Texier – “Get You is definitely the one here!”
Varoslav – “Nice ep and rmx! Great grooves!”
John Selway – “Another great Lucidflow!!
H.O.S.H. – “I am into the reduced production style offered on Get You! Wish it would be open
air season already for this. Perfect sound for a big PA.”

Making A Difference EP

LF017 – Nadja Lind and Paul Loraine – Making A Difference by lucidflow

Fresh off the back of their “Eat The Frog” EP,
which found great support from the likes of
Funk D’Void, Seth Troxler and Maceo Plex.
Lucidflow chief Nadja Lind again teams up
with UK producer Paul Loraine on “Making
A Difference”. A track that will see them
confidently build on the success of their first
Less is most definitely more on “Making A
Difference”. A kick drum and snare rule the first
half, until the throb of the bass synth a slight
vocal, creatively change the dynamic.
From one label boss to the other. As fellow
Lucidflow owner Helmut Ebritsch lends his
magical touch. Harnessing the power of that
synth, Ebritsch creates a real warmth. Assisted
in no small part by the precious droplets of his
piano melody.
A stunning offering from the Lucidflow trio and
a strong addition to an impressive and rapidly
swelling roster of the releases.
Steve Bug – “The Helmut Ebritsch remix is nice!! I’m gonna play it!”
Deetron – “Very nice and lush grooves in the Helmut Ebritsch remix.”

Desyn Masiello – (SoS) – “Original mix for me, especially 2nd half. Really like it. Thanx for this!”
The Timewriter – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix is great!!! “
Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “The original is a bit of a grower…”
Karlos Sense – (Sonica Radio Ibiza) – “Very good Job my friends!!! Fantastic remix from Helmut Ebritsch.. Full support in my sets & show. Thanks.. Hope all best!!”
Diversions – (CHRY Toronto) – “Feelin’ the original here – cleverly simple & soulfully warm groove which gets it point across.”
Victor (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Very delicate house with a huge bass… awesome!! Me like, thanks!!”
Funk D’Void: “Serious Helmut remix! The whole package rocks…superior textures with crystal-sharp production. Congrats!”
Gel Abril: “original is really sweet tnx!”
DJ Yellow – “The remix of Helmut is really nice … will def play this!!”
&ME – “I really like the original. Good work guys!!”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Both mixes here are very good. Will be playing!”
Nick Warren – “Wonderful deepness throughout!! Full support from me!”
Dave Vega – “Original of Making A Difference is nice! Will support!”
Phonique – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix is very sweet!!!”
Jona – “Amazing release! Really love the Helmut Ebritsch remix!!”
Marcin Czubala – “Great ep!! It goes straight to my March chart – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix is cool for me. Will support!”
Peter Kruder – “I’m liking Making A Difference original. Will play this out!”
Joris Voorn – “Love Helmut’s mix!! Great grooves and deep feel..”
Craig – (Silicone Soul) – “Lovely release – deep like a subterranean mole… Helmut’s mix is
beautiful too, more lushness from Lucidflow!!!”
Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo) – “Brilliantly deep as always.”
Luke Solomon – “Melancholy, but great! I like it.”
Christopher Çolak – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Speechelssly im listening and
enjoying Lucidflow base and bass. Mint!”
Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Original is amazinggg! Wow! Full support.”
Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse DAB, Dublin) – “Making A Difference sounds great. This is
house music.”
Stephan Hinz – (Dasding Radio Germany) – “Helmut’s mix is very nice. Will play in the show.”
Kev O- ( – “Lucidflow seems to be one of the most underrated new
labels around at the moment. Always serious business, and always DEEP! Top notch effort.”
Scan Mode – (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) – “OH MY GOD! This guys are on fire! Big Big
Support for my friends on Lucidflow! Lovin’ this music!”
Russ – (iDJ Magazine) – “Top quality deepness.”
DJ Mag Italia – “Up for review.”
Tsugi Magazine France – “Helmut Ebritsch Remix is a cool one.”
Claire Ripley: “Nice deepness!”
AKA AKA (Burlesque Musique / Stil vor Talent): “Mental release with a nice remix by Mr. Ebritsch. We’re surfing the tides of our sofas!!”
UGLH (Supernature – 8Bit – Caramella): “Both original and remix are cool… thanks!”
Carlos Sanchez (DJ Carlos Sanchez): “def love it! will play helmut ebritsch remix 🙂 thanks!”
Sasch BBC (8 Bit, Brise, Plastic City): “really nice work, i like booth mixes. will play for sure!”
Kiko Martinez: “AWESOME BASSLINE!!!” (will chart)
Etoka Records: “Great music, beautiful vocals! Love the Helmut Ebritsch Remix ” (will chart)
Laurent Blondeau ( LO ) (energie records/bigger deer record): “helmut remix for me, nice groove.”
riccicomoto (acryl music, IRMA records, PDR, fairlads digital, 5000 records, holophon, final house): “…thanx for the promo…very nice release…marvelous soundz…full support…” (will chart)
Monty Luke: “DEEPNESS.”
Alex Kaddour (Lucidflow, Piekup, Idea, Act Natural…): “Awesome!!Lovin the groove and the sexy deepness!!Full Support!!” (will chart)
Markojux: “holy smoke – defo playing this.. bring you deep chill.” (will chart)
Evren Ulusoy (I Records,Plastic City,Loco): “Helmut remix is doing it for me.Thanks !”
Matt Gatt (): “The original is perfect heads down no nonsense groover. The perfect balance of stripped back percussion, rolling basslines and melody. It is exactly what I have come to expect from a quality label such as Lucidflow. Helmut’s remix does the business too, creating a deeper and more blissed out affair. Essential warm up material Will definitely be playing both versions out 10/10 for me 🙂 cheers Matt Gatt” (will chart)
Paul (The Disclosure Project) (DPR,NDM,Acryl, Etoka, Elevation and others): “Thanks for sending this, I like the music in Helmuts remix, but I am not keen on the samples in this so I probably wouldnt play it.”
Dj Trinity (Pinksilver ): “Thank you for this lovely release, will play for sure! Another quality release from Lucid Flow.” (will chart)
The Messenger (Soul Industries / i Records / Night Drive Music / Plastic City): “Lovin’ both mixes.Greatly done!”
Gruenbox: “Nice!! smooth and groovy. Full support ;)”

Nadja & Paul Loraine

Klartraum producer and Lucidflow boss Nadja Lind teams up with Paul Loraine to Eat The Frog…
Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine
Eat The Frog EP (Get You, Double Swinged, Eat The Frog, Eat The Frog – Helmut Ebritsch Remix)

Describe the record in five words.
Exciting, groovy, deep, flowing and fun.

What is it about this record that will appeal to the fans?
Nadja: Get You is on the sunny/funny side, and no matter where I’ve played it – underground clubs in Berlin or gorgeous open-air beach events – people have been screaming and jumping with a huge smile on their faces. And of course, the Helmut Ebritsch remix of Eat The Frog is a nuclear bomb in my opinion – and not just my opinion. It’s rocking goodness!
Paul: There is something for everyone on this EP. Get You always works well on any soundsystem, and so does Double Swinged, which is a bit more hedonistic. Then there’s Eat The Frog, which as Nadja says, has that incredible reworking from Helmut. Ole!

How does it differ from your last release?
Nadja: The Sunspots EP was a solo Nadja Lind project, and my solo work is considered to be

Klartraum – Push Yourself EP

Push Yourself EP prelisten here and see some early feedbacks
release date 28. Feb. 2011

  • Konrad Black: “Loving Dignity…Thanks!”
  • Toni Rios: “Push Yourself for me nice track for my warmup”
  • Concrete Jungle (DARKROOM DUBS): “Lenny is fab! loving the deep pads!”
  • Konrad Black: “Loving Dignity…Thanks!”
  • Evren Ulusoy (I Records,Plastic City,Loco): “Very cool vibes here! Solid.” (will chart)
  • Valentin Huedo / Ibiza Sonica (Extremly House Music, Music for dreams, Cafe del mar): “I like this sounds, kind of minimal deephouse, will try and see, thanks”
  • Martin (Noir Music): “On first listen i Like Dignity, could work for me. need to listen a few more times. but this ep is on the right lines for me. Dark n dirty.”
  • Patrick Lindsey: “going for push yourself”
  • … … … … =)

Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine

Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine – Eat The Frog EP – Lucidflow, released 18.1.2011 on beatport, 18.2.2011

  • John Selway – “Another great Lucidflow!!
  • H.O.S.H. – “I am into the reduced production style offered on Get You! Wish it would be open air season already for this. Perfect sound for a big PA.”
  • Let’s Go Outside: ‘Absolutely love “Get You!”. Beautiful piece. Nice release across the board.’
  • Terry Francis: ‘helmuts mix for me’
  • Tedd Patterson – (Cielo/ NYC) – “Get You! is really cool stuff!!!”
  • Pawas – “Super release as usual!!”
  • Ralf – “The best Lucidflow ever.”
  • Till von Sein – “Eat The Frog is solid stuff!!”
  • Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Absolute quality – top marks – playing Get You!”
  • Jona – “Double Swinged is my favourite here. Nice groove!”
  • Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo) – “Always the best deep house. Get You! in the playlist!”
  • and many many more =)

Lucid Moments

prelisten Lucid Moments and see feedbacks on this jewel case of 22 Lucidflow tracks + 2 DJ mix sets by Nadja Lind + Klartraum Sofa Liveset.

Available on iTunes, Amazon and most other digital stores (including spotify).

  • Klartraum – Angelo
  • Charted by Steve Rachmad as “Best Track 2010”
  • Review in DJ Mag UK and DJ Mag Italy, Raveline
  • Bushwacka! – “Lovely and deep and melodic..”

  • Andrew Grant – (DC-10) – “Angelo for me!”
  • Graeme Reedie – (Silicone Soul) – “Both tracks are just lovely.”
  • Tedd Patterson – (Cielo/ NYC) – “2 great tracks.”
  • Terry Lee Brown Junior – “Love it! Very sensual package…full support!”
  • Michel de Hey – “More than cool label! Again 2 great tracks, both equally good!”
  • John Selway – “Connected …smooth, spacious energy.”
  • Lee Curtiss – “Nice deep cuts here! Angelo is cool!”

Groove Mag Best Remixer 2008

Nadja Lind, Klartraum, Lucidflow

alongside Dubfire, Radio Slave, Carl Craig, Joris Voorn, Sascha Funke, DJ Koze, Moodymann, Tiga and many more Nadja Lind’s Remix of G-Man aka Gez Varley’s G11 has been charted Top 10 best of 2008 remixes!!!