100% Pure – Steve Rachmad(Sterac) – Secret Life Of Machines The Remixes Part 1&2 – with Samuel L Session, Heiko Laux, Marc Romboy, Joel Mull, Klartraum, Nadja Lind, Joris Voorn, Ricardo Villalobos, Christian Smith, Vince Watson

Steve Rachmad’s Album remixes: Nadja Lind, Klartraum, Ricardo Villalobos, Marc Romboy, Joris Voorn and many more

Axion [Joel Mull Double Trouble Mix]
Thera 1.0 [Newly Assembled By Heiko Laux]
Astronotes [Marc Romboy Treatment]
The Secret Life Of Machines [Klartraum Remix]
The Lost Of A Love [Nadja Lind Remix]
The Lost Of A Love [Samuel L Session’s Pad Mix]
The Lost Of A Love [Samuel L Session’s Lead Mix]

Thera [2000 And One Remix]
Astronotes [Joris Voorn Remix]
Sitting On Clouds [Ricardo Villalobos Sittin’ On Klaus Remix]
Astronotes [Christian Smith Remix]
The Secret Life Of Machines [Vince Watson Electronica Mix]
The Secret Life Of Machines [Vince Watson Remix]

Secret Life Of Machines has been part of my life as a very important album that inspired me to make music. It was a unique sounding album at the time and still today sounds fresh. Its a beautiful sound sculpture that takes its place in the realm of EDM Joel Mull, 2012 In June this year, STERAC aka Steve Rachmad reached back to the first album 100%% Pure ever released in 1995 – the classic milestone in the history of Detroit Techno ‘Secret Life of Machines’ and recreated it using the very same studio machines that he had owned back then. A composition of seven beautifully sultry tracks from the melodic techno flow of Axion to the sheer brilliance, beauty and soul of Astronotes each paving the way to the defining sound of ‘Secret Life of Machines’. The album received the same glorious feedback as it did 17 years before, with everyone blown away by its fresh, thrilling Detroit Techno futuristic flavours. To complement the timelessness and delicious smoothness of the remastered album, the European father of Detroit Techno then followed up with four brand new remixes, tailored to todays tempo and sound. They say good things come in threes which is why were now going to heat up the summer with The Remixes. Inspired by the remastered album and taking it as springboard for remix inspiration, well be welcoming the dance visions of Joel Mull, Heiko Laux, Marc Romboy, Klartraum, Nadja Lind and Samuel L Session in Part 1 and 2000 and One, Joris Voorn, Ricardo Villalobos, Christian Smith and Vince Watson in Part2. For Part 1 were oiling the dancefloors with some Techno fuel…
Nick Curly: great remix package…. the joel mull is my fav
Billy Nasty: Great selection of remixs..Quality!!
Emmanuel: Very solid first pack here on one of the best album on the catalog, in love when 100%% Pure go back to Techno, we need it! My pics are Joel Mull, Heiko Laux and Mr. Samuel L Session. Thank you so much, keep up the techno!
Karotte: what a first package. joel, heiko, marc, nadja and samuel with great versions of the tracks. love it.
Tobi Neumann: Axion Remix by Joel Mull is great techno! Thats what we need right now.. good techno tracks. Heiko Laux’ rework of Thera 1.0 is wicked! Romboy and Klartraum mixes are quality as well. All in all a great package. Steve deserves it! Thanks, Tobi
Laurent Garnier: so much to choose from !!!! Full club support
Bart Skils: oeh lala..nry set of rmxs from steve’s classics..full support!
Anthony Collins: heiko laux remix is super good
Gregor Tresher: Stunning Heiko Laux mix!!! Wow!!
Carlo Lio: Joel rocks it for me here! Support
Chris Carrier: great stuff
Laurent Garnier: more dancefloor monsters with some of the greatest techno producers —THANKS
D’Julz: killer 2000 & one remix! Christian smith one is also dope! Quality techno overall Pirupa: What i Can Say?? Dream Team of Artists!! Huge Music!! thx p.
Gregor Tresher: Excellent mix by Dylan!
Wehbba: wow. been waiting for this for a long time, AMAZING work from everyone. Masterpiece.
Sascha Dive: like 2000andone and ricardo mix
Tube & Berger: OMG! Are u kiddin? This is so DOPE! All mixes are so special and outstanding but 2000 and One is our fav! Brraaah!!
Nicole Moudaber: Loving the vibe
Riva Starr: Wow what an amazing package! Cant choose between the rmxs all are banging!
Marc Romboy: Wow, part 2 even stronger than part 1, rarely seen this! Marco Carola: great rmx from christian!
Kenny Larkin: Full fucking support!!! Adam Beyer: nice package!

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